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I am a hugely satisfied customer of It's So Easy Travel Insurance and related medical assistance group Specialty Assist. I am generally healthy, having lived with HIV on medication for a decade. Until my recent holiday to Florida, I had never spent a single night in hospital. When I took out annual travel cover for my boyfriend and me in March 2014, I never imagined that I'd be rushed into an American ER room three weeks later. A small stye on my right eye had developed into an antibiotic-resistant cellulitis. I was told it was serious and required immediate IV antibiotics, which would mean being admitted to hospital. From the word go, I was treated [by the 24 hour assistance service] with compassion, care and respect. I was given a simple-to-remember individual case number. I was told clearly what information/action was needed from me and what, in turn, they would endeavour to do for me. Within 48 hours of being admitted, Specialty Assist confirmed I was covered for my mounting medical expenses and every agent I spoke with treated me as an individual and helped ease my concerns about the bills. Specialty Assist dealt directly with the hospital after admission, freeing me to concentrate on my recovery, and recouping the relatively small amount of pre-admission charges I'd accrued from attending a walk-in clinic and pharmacies in the week before I was admitted. After returning to the UK I submitted this claim, which was handled swiftly and without question. In summary, I am very grateful for all your help and so pleased that I took out a policy with It's So Easy. Thanks very much for being there when I needed you! I have already recommended your business to friends and colleagues. Well done.

Be adequately protected !

hiv travel insuranceIt's vital to have HIV inclusive travel insurance, so that medical expense claims - whether HIV related or not will be met. Otherwise, you're exposing yourself to potential serious financial risk.

If you take out 'ordinary' travel insurance and make a medical expenses claim, the insurer will, as matter of course, check if you have any pre-existing medical condition. This is when your HIV status would come to light.

If you hadn't declared your HIV status to the insurers, they could void the entire policy or refuse to meet your claim. Even if your illness was not HIV-related, they could decide that, in their view, it might be and refuse to pay out.

Medical expenses can run into thousands of pounds - especially in the USA but also now in Europe, too. If you need to be repatriated, we're talking many thousands - anywhere between £10,000 to £30,000!

A European Health Insurance Card only puts you on the same basis as an insured person in that country. It does NOT necessarily mean you'll get free treatment. Also, it won't cover you for curtailment or repatriation, and all the other things that our insurance policy will.


Hello - my name is Kevin Waite and It's So Easy Travel Insurance is my company.

I have worked in the HIV field for over 25 years. Starting as a volunteer in London Lighthouse (which became Europe's largest HIV/AIDS centre), I went on to establish its Welfare Service.

I developed this HIV travel insurance using my knowledge of HIV. It's a bespoke policy, which means it's unique; written in such a way that HIV is covered by default. I have known my underwriter for years and so we're able to respond flexibly to requests that other insurers would automatically decline. Others' policies are generic policies with little flexibility.

Unlike other travel insurance policies, we won't identify you as being HIV+ on your policy documents. This is very important for many people.

As long as you meet our Health Warranty, you don't need to undergo a medical screening. If you don't meet our Health Warranty, my colleagues at the screening service will help. Sometimes you'll chat with a qualified nurse, who's knowledge means we can tailor the screening to your particular circumstances rather than it being totally computer-based.

If your medication is lost or stolen, we'll pay for replacements to be couriered to you or costs involved in seeing a doctor to have more prescribed. We think these kinds of things are important.

It's So Easy Travel Insurance is not owned by any other insurance company. Your confidential information is not going to be sold to other companies for marketing purposes or divulged to other insurers, potentially damaging your prospects of obtaining other types of insurance.

Many hospitals, clinics and other HIV charities recommend my policy. For a quotation, just click the button at the top of the page. Your documents will be immediately e mailed to you (if you don't have a printer we will post them).

Is someone travelling with you ?

If you need to cancel, cut short or even extend your trip because you are ill for any reason, someone travelling with you might also wish to do the same. This includes a situation if you have a partner who is HIV-.

If your travelling companion(s) take out 'ordinary' travel insurance, it might well not cover them if they want to make a claim because you're ill. Their insurers will, as a matter of course, investigate if your travelling companion(s) had told them that you're HIV+. If they hadn't, the insurer might decline their claim. They could say that this was a material fact that should have been declared. Even if it had been declared, they might well have refused to accept any claims related to it.

Even if you maintain that your being ill was not HIV related, they might argue that, in their opinion, it was or that your HIV status could have contributed to it and that they don't pay any HIV-related claims.

We think it's important also to consider the insurance needs of those travelling with someone who's HIV+!

All that needs to be done is for your travelling companion(s)/partner be insured by the same policy you take out with us. That way, if we've agreed to cover you, your travelling companion(s)/partner can claim even if the reason is related to you being HIV+ .

Obtain a quotation and book online - keeping down costs and premiums!

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