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Most prices reduced from 1 May 2014!

Obtain a quotation and book online - keeping down costs and premiums!

0330 606 1421 (8am - 10pm every day) From outside the UK: +44 20 7965 7222
0330 numbers are charged at local rates and usually form part of call packages similar to 01 & 02 numbers

  • We don't disclose your HIV status on your policy documents or in any letters or e mails to you.
  • Meet our simple Health Warranty and there's no other screening process (summary below, please see policy wording)
  • No CD4 or viral load or lifestyle questions.
  • A bespoke policy designed after many years of working in the HIV sector.
  • Two levels of cover available, both insuring you if your medication is lost or stolen.
  • We can insure someone who's HIV+ and resident in any EU country

If you answer No to the questions below, you're automatically covered by our policy and don't need any medical screening. If the answer is Yes to any of the questions, simply call the medical screening service, Mediquote, on 0845 643 2634. If they say we can cover you, simply go ahead with the booking. If they say we can't please call us.

  1. In the last six months:
    a: were you receiving, recovering from, or on a waiting list for in-patient treatment in a hospital or nursing home?
    b: within the last four weeks, have you started, stopped, or changed the type of dosage, suffered side effects from, or received further medical advice or treatment in respect of any medication prescribed for the control of HIV?
  2. During the 12 months before this insurance started, have you suffered from or received treatment, advice or medication for any chronic, on-going or recurring illness or condition other than for the control of HIV? (A chronic condition is one lasting three months or more).
  3. Are you travelling against the advice of a medical practitioner or in order to get medical treatment abroad?
  4. Have you been diagnosed as having a terminal illness? (We don't term HIV/AIDS, in themselves, as a terminal illness)
  5. Are you waiting for the results of tests or investigations, or awaiting a referral for an existing medical condition?
  6. Other than specified in 1 – 5 above, are you aware of any reason why the trip could be cancelled or curtailed or of any medical condition, which could result in a claim?
I am a hugely satisfied customer of It's So Easy Travel Insurance and related medical assistance group Specialty Assist. I am generally healthy, having lived with HIV on medication for a decade. Until my recent holiday to Florida, I had never spent a single night in hospital. When I took out annual travel cover for my boyfriend and me in March 2014, I never imagined that I'd be rushed into an American ER room three weeks later. A small stye on my right eye had developed into an antibiotic-resistant cellulitis. I was told it was serious and required immediate IV antibiotics, which would mean being admitted to hospital. From the word go, I was treated [by the 24 hour assistance service] with compassion, care and respect. I was given a simple-to-remember individual case number. I was told clearly what information/action was needed from me and what, in turn, they would endeavour to do for me. Within 48 hours of being admitted, Specialty Assist confirmed I was covered for my mounting medical expenses and every agent I spoke with treated me as an individual and helped ease my concerns about the bills. Specialty Assist dealt directly with the hospital after admission, freeing me to concentrate on my recovery, and recouping the relatively small amount of pre-admission charges I'd accrued from attending a walk-in clinic and pharmacies in the week before I was admitted. After returning to the UK I submitted this claim, which was handled swiftly and without question. In summary, I am very grateful for all your help and so pleased that I took out a policy with It's So Easy. Thanks very much for being there when I needed you! I have already recommended your business to friends and colleagues. Well done.

Be adequately protected !

hiv travel insuranceIt's vital to have HIV inclusive travel insurance, so that medical expense claims - whether HIV related or not will be met. Otherwise, you're exposing yourself to potential serious financial risk.

If you take out 'ordinary' travel insurance and make a medical expenses claim, the insurer will, as matter of course, check if you have any pre-existing medical condition. This is when your HIV status would come to light.

If you hadn't declared your HIV status to the insurers, they could void the entire policy or refuse to meet your claim. Even if your illness was not HIV-related, they could decide that, in their view, it might be and refuse to pay out.

Medical expenses can run into thousands of pounds - especially in the USA but also now in Europe, too. If you need to be repatriated, we're talking many thousands - anywhere between £10,000 to £30,000!

A European Health Insurance Card only puts you on the same basis as an insured person in that country. It does NOT necessarily mean you'll get free treatment. Also, it won't cover you for curtailment or repatriation, and all the other things that our insurance policy will.


Hello - my name is Kevin Waite and It's So Easy Travel Insurance is my company.

I have worked in the HIV field for over 25 years. Starting as a volunteer in London Lighthouse (which became Europe's largest HIV/AIDS centre), I went on to establish its Welfare Service.

I developed this HIV travel insurance using my knowledge of HIV. It's a bespoke policy, which means it's unique; written in such a way that HIV is covered by default. I have known my underwriter for years and so we're able to respond flexibly to requests that other insurers would automatically decline. Others' policies are generic policies with little flexibility.

Unlike other travel insurance policies, we won't identify you as being HIV+ on your policy documents. This is very important for many people.

As long as you meet our Health Warranty, you don't need to undergo a medical screening. If you don't meet our Health Warranty, my colleagues at the screening service will help. Sometimes you'll chat with a qualified nurse, who's knowledge means we can tailor the screening to your particular circumstances rather than it being totally computer-based.

If your medication is lost or stolen, we'll pay for replacements to be couriered to you or costs invoved in seeing a doctor to have more prescribed. We think these kinds of things are important.

It's So Easy Travel Insurance is not owned by any other insurance company. Your confidential information is not going to be sold to other companies for marketing purposes or divulged to other insurers, potentially damaging your prospects of obtaining other types of insurance.

Many hospitals, clinics and other HIV charities recommend our policy. For a quote, just click the button at the top of the page. Your documents will be immediately e mailed to you (if you don't have a printer we will post them).

Is someone travelling with you ?

If you need to cancel, cut short or even extend your trip because you are ill for any reason, someone travelling with you may also wish to do the same. This includes a situation if you have a partner who is HIV-.

If your travelling companion(s) take out 'ordinary' travel insurance, it may well not cover them if they need to make a claim because you're ill. Their insurers will, as a matter of course, investigate if your travelling companion had told them that you're HIV+. If not, the insurer may decline your companion's claim because they may say that this was a material fact that should have been declared. Even if it had been declared, they may well have refused to accept any claims related to it.

Even if you maintain that your being ill was not HIV related, they may argue that, in their opinion, it was or that your HIV status may have contributed to it and that they don't pay any HIV-related claims.

We think it's important also to consider the insurance needs of those travelling with someone who's HIV+!

All that needs to be done is that your travelling companion(s)/partner be insured by the same policy you take out with us. That way, if we've agreed to cover you, your travelling companion(s)/partner can claim even if the reason is related to you being HIV+ .

"I just take out ordinary travel insurance - I'm concerned about confidentiality"

As someone who has worked in the HIV sector for many years, I understand the need for confidentiality.

If you take out 'ordinary' travel insurance and you needed to make a medical claim, the insurers would make enquiries about if you had any pre-existing medical conditions. It would come to light that you are HIV+. First, your claim may well be declined. Second, if that insurance company is owned by a larger one and is part of a group of companies, do you know whether your personal information will be shared within that group? How might that affect your application for other types of insurance? Maybe insuring with a standard insurer is not the best way to ensure the confidentiality you want to protect.

It's So Easy Travel Insurance is my own, privately-owned company. I have it in writing, following personal discussions with my underwriters and medical screening company, that your information will never be passed to another insurer. In order to administer the policy, others may need to know someone's HIV status. For example, my colleagues answering the phone, the 24 hour medical assistance service and the claims handling service. Everyone is bound by laws of confidentiality (the Data Protection Act) and by regulatory bodies such as the FSA.

The letters that go out with your insurance documents are from It's So Easy Travel Insurance, not HIV Travel Insurance. So if you want to ensure you keep up to date with developments in our services, make a note of this web site address (although you can also link to here from our general site: www.itssoeasytravelinsurance.com).


As you probably know, it's impossible to obtain life assurance that includes HIV cover from 'High Street' insurers. We can.

Because HIV is obviously a pre-existing medical condition, the premiums are higher than if you weren't positive and took out an ordinary life assurance policy. But at least you know that your being HIV+ is not going to prevent the policy from paying out.

Simply click here to go to our HIV life assurance page, complete the form and we will quickly get back to you with a quote.

HIV retreats around the world

Looking for a place to relax? PLWHA.org has a list of retreats in the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia and Europe.

Many, many thanks indeed for your friendly and very speedy service. I have never known booking insurance to be so easy! TO
Many thanks for your excellent service. AB
Thanks for this Kevin – great service and a real relief to have complete peace of mind when travelling for the first time in about 15 years!! I will definitely recommend you if it’s appropriate and may well consider using some of your other services in the future. SG
Thank you for keeping me insured and safe on my travels. WW
Thank you so much for taking the time to clarify matters for us and so promptly. We can't speak highly enough of Its So Easy Travel Insurance. RB
It is so refreshing in this day and age to get such good service. PF
Thank You Kevin - all received O.K. I wish everybody was as helpful and pleasant to deal with as you. SL
Thank you for your prompt response and excellent service. EB
Thanks very much - you're a star! NH
Our first contact with you was through Kevin Waite a couple of years ago - had a brilliant service then and have used you ever since. Keep up the good work. CR
This is my third year using Easy Travel Insurance and it is to be highly recommended in all respects. Kevin is super efficient, friendly and professional. It only took literally moments to get my Insurance arranged even though I had left it almost to the last moment!! Long may you reign....in the Insurance business at least!! ML
Thanks Kevin,  you really are the star your website says you are. JP
Kevin knows what he is doing with professionalism and with a service that many insurance companies could do to learn something from. I have used him for myself and my partner for the last 3 years will never go with anyone else now. MC
I have recently booked Insurance twice with 'It's So Easy' and I have had the pleasure of booking it with Kevin Waite. After searching to find decent insurance for a person with HIV, I have found this company to be not only the best for price, but also outstanding for customer service. Kevin went out of his way to help me the first time. I called back in November, and upon calling back today I was so thrilled to know that it was truly 'easy' to book some more insurance with the added piece of mind that my card details were not kept in any way for security reasons and the whole process took literally seconds.
I know it sounds cheesy, but i just wanted to say such a huge thank you. AA
Thank you very much Kevin – now THAT is service! JM
What a joy! Second year running we have taken insurance out through 'It's So Easy...' Very responsive, speedy, courteous and helpful service. Didn't even bother searching about for quotes as was so impressed first time round! Would not hesitate in recommending using 'It's So Easy' to anyone!
A real pleasure to speak to Kevin and have all your questions answered fully and in such a nice manner. Many thanks Kevin!!! Keep up the good work! DF
Thanks very much for you help - as always its great. PS
I would like to say thank you for what you have done for me in getting my travel insurance sorted and extened as well. I am sure that I would use the company again as I now know that I can get cover for all elements of my health. So once again i would like to say thank you. MMcK
Kevin was very helpful and honest. Talked us through the options and the best cover for us both. What he says he delivers. Documents were sent via email. Highly recommended. A&S
Thank you for making things so easy. Your service was first class. You put me at ease immediately. The documents were downloaded very quickly. The cost was also extremely competetive. I will return to you for all my future medical insurance needs when travelling - MH
Without wishing to be cheesy, thanks for making this so easy!  I’m fairly recently diagnosed and expected this whole insurance process stuff would be a complete nightmare to sort out. JW
Flights booked, insurance received, thank you. You were really helpful when I first called a few weeks ago and on the phone again today. I appreciate all you help. Easy Travel "the best"! VT
Fantastic, responsive service. This is the second time we've insured with It's so Easy and will continue to do so. Thoroughly recommended. NJ

Obtain a quotation and book online - keeping down costs and premiums!

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